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It didn't get him any new friends, but stopped them from bullying him any more. As night fell, his mother failed to reach the safety of the wards around their house in time and was attacked, Arlen's father only standing and watching without the courage to leave the wards. Arlen left the safety of the wards and went to help his mother, spending the night with her under a trough in one of the warded animal pens.

With a new view of his father they left in the morning to reach the town Herb Gatherer, Coline Trigg , because of Silvy's deep demon-inflicted wounds. Coline didn't know how to save her and they instead left to get the help of the Herb Gatherer in Sunny Pasture. Jeph Bales didn't think they would make it in time so begged succour at the Tanner Farm on the way. Arlen's father promised him to the youngest of the Tanner children, Renna Tanner.

Early the next morning, they continued their journey to the healer but they couldn't reach her soon enough and Arlen's mother passed away on the road. Arlen and his father argued resulting in Arlen running away with the wish of being a Messenger like Ragen.

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Arlen, always being a good warder, managed to get a long way before he noticed that if he was going to Sunny Pasture, he was on the wrong path. Therefore he decided to try to reach the the Free City of Miln. On the way there he managed to cut off the arm of a giant rock demon and met Ragen and Keerin again.

He got a ride from them the rest of the way to Fort Miln. He also got involved with Mery , the daughter of the librarian, Tender Ronnel. Mery didn't want Arlen to be a Messenger but Arlen was stubborn and didn't give up his wish. He also got his first friend in the city, Jaik Miller , who wanted to be a Jongleur. This chapter in Exodus, like all of the Scriptures, is oozing with the grace of God. God saved Moses in spite of the lapse in the faith of his parents, and in spite of the determined opposition of the Pharaoh. God continued to work in the life of Moses, preserving his life and preparing him for his future role as deliverer, even when Moses miserably failed at his own efforts to deliver his people.


Israel was graciously heard and delivered, in spite of her disobedience, because of the grace of the God who called her and who promised to bring her into the land of Canaan. The fallibility of men, even men and women of faith, is the occasion for grace, and so while men persist in failing, God persists in preserving and in delivering His people.

When we are overcome by our own fallibility, let us remember that our standing before God, our salvation, our sanctification, our service is all a matter of His grace, not our goodness. The grace of God is often worked out in the lives of men through the providence of God. Often this may be through disobedient people, such as Jonah, or through unbelievers, such as Pharaoh or his daughter.

The providence of God is that unseen work of God which moves men and history toward the goal which God has foreordained, and which He has purposed and promised. Think through the events of this chapter in Exodus, using the grid of providence. Every detail of your life, every incident, every failure, is employed by God providentially to further His purposes. Thus, Joseph could forgive his brothers and praise God for the time when they sold him into slavery, for he knew that what they intended for evil, God intended for good Gen.

The real issue is this: are you identified with God and with His purposes, or have you set yourself against Him? Moses, his parents, and all of the other fallible saints were ultimately blessed of God because they looked to Him in faith to fulfill His promises. Pharaoh and all of disobedient Egypt were providentially used of God but were destroyed because they did not trust in Him.

If you have not yet placed your faith in Him, and trusted Him alone for the forgiveness of your sin, may today be the day of your salvation. It has no mythological elements but is told as if it were history. Hyatt, Exodus Grand Rapids: Wm. Eerdmans Publishing Co. It is one thing for a liberal scholar to view the Bible stories as myth, like that of the pagans; it is another to scoff at what is said, as though it were ridiculous.

Remember, she may well have had Hebrew slave girls as some of her servants cf. With so many Hebrew people in the land of Egypt, it would have been very likely for this woman to have known a few words. I have friends who once lived on the border between Mexico and the United States.

Since this woman had Mexican servants, she determined to learn Spanish, at which she became quite fluent. Gispen, Exodus trans. A voice whispered to her heart that her child was specially dear to God. Was not its smile the result of the Divine embrace? And did not those limpid eyes look into the face of the Angel of the Covenant? She was, therefore, encouraged to brave the royal edicts, and screen the little taper from the gale of destruction that was sweeping through the land. William F. Arndt and F.

Frankly, I have heard a younger child make just as much noise. Furthermore, it was not wrong to have a baby girl, only a baby boy. I cannot help but wonder if she did something like put Moses in pink dresses, with cute little bows in his hair, or whatever, to conceal his sex, not his existence.

Arlen Bales

Sooner or later, however, the diapers would come off and the truth would be known. The Israelite men and women were oppressed and cruelly forced to labor.

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If so, one can understand the problem which suddenly occurred at three months. These conjectures at least expand the possibilities as to what might have occurred, and caution us about too quickly accepting any one explanation. She had indeed thrown her son into the river as ordered, but in a wicker basket.

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Some have suggested that since the appearance is that this is the first child of the couple, the brother and sister may have been of a previous or other wife cf. Cole, p. If Thutmose I were the Pharaoh of then his daughter, the famous queen Hatshepsut who later assumed kingship, may have been this daughter. This view has been suggested by a number of writers. While this view is entirely possible, it is equally possible that Moses was reared in one of the royal harems which were common to the New Kingdom period.

She was the daughter of Thutmose I B. Thutmose III B. She ruled in peace, built temples, and sponsored expeditions; her grave has been found. Copious amounts of tears began to well up and flow from the big brown Egyptian eyes of his daughter. Having read the account of Hatshepsut, a totally different scenario came to mind.

Ah, the providence of God—how sweet it can be. Davis, pp. She waterproofed a basket, made of the sticky papyrus found along the Nile, with tar a bitumen imported in Egypt from Palestine and pitch.

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I suspect that while this was a genuine hope, she was tasked to watch the child and to report, if necessary, its death to the parents. The child would not be allowed to perish alone. I do not rule out the fact that there was some hope, some faith, but I do believe that there was also much fear, and gloomy expectations. A bold faith at such a time, of course, is what we would prefer to believe. I cannot imagine the writer to the Hebrews describing a flight based upon the fear of Pharaoh as a departure motivated by faith, not fear.

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