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I started to think about this.. Here are some of the many ways I discovered families were conserving and connecting with our environment and getting outside together on a daily basis as a typical routine life style choice, Earth Day or Not.. These activities were inexpensive, ingenious, very simple and seemed easy to incorporate into our daily life and quite frankly also seemed like a lot of fun!!

By doing so we not only saved on my water bill but conserved on a natural resource, water. We agreed on a container to use and place one on our deck outside. Then it was one of our responsibilities to remember to place it outside each time it rained. This responsibility with excitement was usually remembered by one of my grandchildren! Local farmers markets tend to avoid toxic pesticides and offer organic food helping decrease harmful chemicals in our environment.

After the days trip in the country a fun together time was spent creating a frugal and healthy meal together to be shared. Another idea that splintered from this activity was to grow some of our own vegetables and fruit to use for a meal together. Children who help create the food they are eating are more likely to enjoy that food so much more! And we did! Many families are making this activity a good idea for our bodies and our environment. Families are making routine family outings to participate in outdoor activities such as walking, running, hiking and spending the day at the beach or the park.

Hiking through the woods is a great way to understand nature while experiencing fun exercise in the process. In addition as mentioned above studies show exposing children to nature on a regular basis not only create healthier adults, but will help your child to grow to have a healthy respect for our planet. Volunteering is one of the greatest ways to stay connected as a family and to help our environment and I am happy to say is on the rise in our society. Your children will learn about giving back to the community by this example while spending quality time together.

These websites, to name a few include places families can go to adopt a beach or where to join a beach cleanup group, adopting a park, planting a tree together or how to join a save a tree or rainforest group in your community. Many families are contacting their local waste management office to gather information on recycling programs in your area to help clean up our environment together.

In Orlando, Florida Disney World has a program called Give a Day, Get a Day where if you and your family or friends volunteer to do a project they are sponsoring you will get a free day at any of the Magic Kingdom parks. This is a great volunteering opportunity and saves significant dollars for a family vacation together.

Many of you are getting that old bike out of the garage! Bicycles foster our health and our environments as well! Giving up your car for a family outing by bike can be a cost friendly and environmentally friendly activity. Those days gave way to the expensive big screen theaters we drive to today.

25 Mother Nature Quotes to Honor the Gifts We Wake Up To

Well now there is a new more efficient less costly and eco-friendly trend going on. Instead of a car ride to the movies, families are preventing air pollution and conserving energy by grabbing some blankets and pillows and air popcorn and renting a movie to watch at home. Most places you can camp at are free to use, including your own backyard, and some places charge a minimal fee to set up camp in places like State Parks.

Nature timeline. This box: view talk edit. Matter-dominated era. Single-celled life. Multicellular life. Dark Ages. Earliest stars. Earliest galaxy. Omega Centauri. Andromeda Galaxy. Milky Way spirals. Alpha Centauri. Earliest life. Earliest oxygen.

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Atmospheric oxygen. Sexual reproduction. Earliest plants. Cambrian explosion. Earliest mammals. Earliest apes. See also: Human timeline , and Life timeline. Main articles: Earth and Earth science. Main article: Geology. Main articles: History of the Earth and Evolution. Main articles: Atmosphere of Earth , Climate , and Weather.

Main article: Water. Main article: Ocean. Main article: Lake.

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Main article: Pond. Main article: River. Main article: Stream.

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Earliest water. Oxygen crisis. Ediacara biota. See also: Human timeline , and Nature timeline. Main articles: Life , Biology , and Biosphere. Main article: Evolution. Main article: Microbe. Main articles: Plant and Animal. Hominin events for the last 10 million years. Hominin timeline. Homo habilis. Homo erectus.

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Homo sapiens. Earlier apes. Gorilla split. Possibly bipedal. Chimpanzee split. Earliest bipedal. Stone tools.

Exit from Africa. Earliest fire use. Earliest cooking. Earliest clothes.

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