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Druid, an antiquary, wholly ignorant of his real duties as a guide of youth. When the Moor assumed regal state and affected Gothic sovereignty, his subjects were so offended that they revolted and murdered him. He married Egilona, formerly the wife of Roderick. He was by no means scrupulous; nor did he think with the caliph Omar ben Abdalaziz that it was necessary to make a hell of this world to enjoy paradise in the next. Beckford, Vathek Scott, Ivanhoe time, Richard I.

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He was murdered by the pacha. Scott, The Talisman time, Richard I. ABDALS or Santons , a class of religionists who pretend to be inspired with the most ravishing raptures of divine love. Regarded with great veneration by the vulgar. Abelard was the tutor of Heloise or Eloise , and, although vowed to the church, won and returned her passion. They were violently separated by her uncle. Abelard entered a monastery and Eloise became a nun. Their love survived the passage of years, and they were buried together at Pere la Chaise. By Alexander Pope When Heinrich II. She is the paramour of Kirkrapine, who used to rob churches and poor-boxes, and bring his plunder to Abessa, daughter of Corceca Blindness of Heart.

Scott, Woodstock time, the Commonwealth. While Abon Hassan is asleep he is conveyed to the palace of Haroun-al-Raschid, and the attendants are ordered to do everything they can to make him fancy himself the caliph. Philippe le Bon , duke of Burgundy, on his marriage with Eleonora, tried the same trick. Abradas, the great Macedonian pirate, thought every one had a letter of mart that bare sayles in the ocean. Like Absalom, the duke was handsome; like Absalom, he was beloved and rebellious; and like Absalom, his rebellion ended in his death His hair was curled, his shoes slashed, his hose red.

He could let blood, cut hair, and shave, could dance, and play either on the ribible or the gittern. ABSOLUTE Sir Anthony , a testy but warm-hearted old gentleman, who imagines that he possesses a most angelic temper, and when he quarrels with his son, the captain, fancies it is the son who is out of temper, and not himself. William Dowton was the best actor of this part. Captain Absolute , son of sir Anthony, in love with Lydia Languish, the heiress, to whom he is known only as ensign Beverley.

To elude or delay her pursuers, she cut him into pieces and strewed the fragments in the road, that her father might be detained by gathering up the remains of his son.

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Though undoubtedly brave, he prefers peace to war; and when, at the death of Caled, he succeeds to the chief command, he makes peace with the Syrians on honorable terms. The green retreats of Academus. Akenside, Pleasures of Imagination , i In a trial of skill, Acestes, the Sicilian, discharged his arrow with such force that it took fire from the friction of the air.

Before the bear arrived, the fox skimmed off the cream and drank the milk; then, filling the bowl with mud, replaced the cream atop. Rabelais tells the same tale about a farmer and the devil. Each was to have on alternate years what grew under and over the soil. The farmer sowed turnips and carrots when the under -soil produce came to his lot, and barley or wheat when his turn was the over -soil produce.

Cable The duke of Wellington is so called sometimes, and is represented by a statue of Achilles of gigantic size in Hyde Park, London, close to Apsley House Yates, Celebrities , xviii. The monster Polypheme 3 syl. The blood of Acis was changed into a river of the same name at the foot of mount Etna. Not such a pipe, good reader, as that which Acis did sweetly tune in praise of his Galatea, but one of true Delft manufacture.

Irving Her daughter is Meditation. He had two sons twins by Caro, viz. Thus if duels are spoken of he says, ods triggers and flints ; if clothes, ods frogs and tambours ; if music, ods minnums [minims] and crotchets ; if ladies, ods blushes and blooms.

This he learnt from a militia officer, who told him the ancients swore by Jove, Bacchus, Mars, Venus, Minerva, etc. Quick was the original Bob Acres. An oracle declared that Danae would give birth to a son who would kill him, so Acrisius kept his daughter shut up in an apartment under ground, or as some say in a brazen tower.

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The king of Argos now ordered his daughter and her infant to be put into a chest, and cast adrift on the sea, but they were rescued by Dictys, a fisherman. When grown to manhood, Perseus accidentally struck the foot of Acrisius with a quoit, and the blow caused his death. This tale is told by Mr. Morris in The Earthly Paradise April.

It was this hetaera who wrapped the dead body in cerements, and saw it decently interred. The first female actor for hire was Mrs. Saunderson, afterwards Mrs. Betterton, who died in Shedad was their first king, but in consequence of his pride, both he and all the tribe perished, either from drought or the Sarsar an icy wind. Woe, woe, to Irem! Woe to Ad! Death, has gone up into her palaces! They fell around me. Thousands fell around. After Cain had been conducted by Lucifer through the realms of space, he is restored to the home of his wife and child, where all is beauty, gentleness, and love.

Full of faith and fervent in gratitude, Adah loves her infant with a sublime maternal affection. How lovely he appears!

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In Greek this word is compounded of the four initial letters of the cardinal quarters:. Adam, how made. God created the body of Adam of Salzal , i.

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Adam, Eve, and the Serpent. After the fall Adam was placed on mount Vassem in the east; Eve was banished to Djidda now Gedda, on the Arabian coast ; and the Serpent was exiled to the coast of Eblehh. After the lapse of years Adam rejoined Eve on mount Arafaith [ place of Remembrance ], near Mecca. Death of Adam. Adam died on Friday, April 7, at the age of years. Michael swathed his body, and Gabriel discharged the funeral rites.

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When Noah, entered the ark the same writer says he took the body of Adam in a coffin with him, and when he left the ark restored it to the place he had taken it from. Not that Adam that kept the paradise, but that Adam that keeps the prison. Adam , a faithful retainer in the family of sir Eowland de Boys. At the age of fourscore, he voluntarily accompanied his young master Orlando into exile, and offered to give him his little savings. Adamida, in obedience to the divine command, flew amidst overwhelming storms, rushing clouds, falling mountains, and swelling seas. Uriel stood on the pole of the star, but so lost in deep contemplation on Golgotha, that he heard not the wild uproar.

On coming to the region of the sun, Adamida slackened her course, and advancing before the sun, covered its face and intercepted all its rays. In he was discovered as the patriarch of a colony, brought up with a high sense of religion and strict regard to morals. In the colony was voluntarily placed under the protection of the British Government.

His learning, his simplicity, his evangelical purity of mind are so admirably mingled with pedantry, absence of mind, and the habit of athletic Like Don Quixote, parson Adams is beaten a little too much and too often, but the cudgel lights upon his shoulders She is killed by her father in mistake for another. Jephson, Count of Narbonne When Mercilla sends her ambassador, Samient, to negotiate peace, Adicia, in violation of international law, thrusts her Samient out of doors like a dog, and sets two knights upon her.

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Sir Artegal comes to her rescue, attacks the two knights, and knocks one of them from his saddle with such force that he breaks his neck. After the discomfiture of the soldan, Adicia rushes forth with a knife to stab Samient, but, being intercepted by sir Artegal, is changed into a tigress.

He has eight sons and daughters, viz. Scott, The Monastery time, Elizabeth. Apollo, being condemned by Jupiter to serve a mortal for twelve months for slaying a Cyclops, entered the service of Admetus. James R. Lowell has a poem on the subject, called The Shepherd of King Admetus Jupiter, to settle the dispute, decided that the boy should spend six months with Venus in the upper world and six with Proserpina in the lower. Adonis was gored to death by a wild boar in a hunt.

Shakespeare has a poem called Venus and Adonis. Adonis is an allegory of the sun, which is six months north of the horizon, and six months south. Thammuz is the same as Adonis, and so is Osiris. He persists in building a new barn which the cattle do not need instead of the much-needed dwelling for his family. She went to his tent without the least resistance, but implored the captain to give her one night to mourn the death of those so near and dear to her. To this he complied, but during sleep she murdered him with his own scymitar. Roderick, disguised as a monk, helped her to bury the dead bodies of her house, and then she vowed to live for only one object, vengeance.

The Sepharvites burnt their children in the fire to Adramelech.