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London Suite (Getting Sucked In)

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That had echoes of the IFA two years back, when Samsung attempted to soldier on in the aftermath of a Note 7 recall. Not for any particularly product-related reason — the company revealed a router and pricing for an already announced phone.

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But instead, because executive Richard Yu channeled Howard Beale in the waning moments of his keynote, excoriating U. CES took a backseat as the big tech stories for the week continued to focus on things like the ever-changing price of Bitcoin. Samsung, which like LG had revealed most of its news well in advance of the event, made its bigger splash when mobile chief DJ Koh told an audience that the Galaxy S9 is coming next month at Mobile World Congress. That, after all, is when people announce phones — either that or at their own event. A week after CES, can you name any new phones from the event off the top of your head?

Reminder For 'Stranger Things' Fans: The Eighties Sucked

The only thing anyone really talked about was Aibo. Even Eureka Park, the startup pavilion that has been a saving grace for the show as bigger players have moved away, was a fairly lackluster spectacle.

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I was about ready to toss my malfunctioning laptop out a window if I got one more pitch for a STEM robot toy that teaches kids how to code. Maybe it was just an off-year.