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Enter the world of The Magic of Puck! - Master Magician & Comedy Hypnotist.

Illusory Orb Puck launches a magic orb that floats in a straight path, damaging enemy units along the way.

Waning Rift Puck releases a burst of faerie dust that deals damage and silences enemy units nearby. Dream Coil Creates a coil of volatile magic that latches onto enemy Heroes, stunning them for 0. While Puck seems at first glance a mischievous, childish character, this quality masks an alien personality.


The juvenile form of a Faerie Dragon, a creature that lives for eons, Puck spends countless millennia in its childish form. So while it is technically true that Puck is juvenile, it will continue to be so when the cities of the present age have sloughed away into dust. Its motives are therefore inscrutable, and what appears to be play may in fact hide a darker purpose.

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Its endless fondness for mischief is the true indicator of Puck's true nature. The playful Faerie Dragon delights in confusing others, vanishing and reappearing where unexpected. Puck achieved town status in Together with the rest of Royal Prussia , it joined Poland in and was the place of the local County Administration Starostwo.

The Polish kings tried to create a fleet at Danzig, but autonomous Hanseatic Danzig would not allow them in their territory.

Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Ships chartered by Poland had to land at Pautzke Puck in Poland tried to establish a Polish Navy , gaining the use some harbors in Livonia and Finland, but a standing navy never materialized. In , through the Partitions of Poland , the town was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia and in became part of the newly established province of West Prussia.

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In Putzig became the garrison of the first planes of German Naval aviation. Puck was the only Polish harbour until Gdynia was built in the s and served as the main harbour of the Polish Navy until the Second World War.

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Puck was bombed by Nazi Germany at 5. Luftwaffe bombers dropped a projectile on the town, which also had an airbase for the Naval Air Squadron ; dealing significant damage to the Polish air force units stationed there.

Universe - Puck Offlane - with Kingrd (Lion) - vs CCnC (QOP) - Dota 2 Pro MMR Gameplay #3

After Poland was occupied by Nazi Germany in , a branch of the Stutthof concentration camp existed in Puck in the years to After Puck was part of the Republic of Poland. Puck, Poland is twinned with:. Puck is an important water sports centre.

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Port in Puck during annual pilgrimage of fishermen from Hel Peninsula to a church fair of St. Peter and Paul in Puck. Memorials of gen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.