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01. Hold the paintbrush in the right place!

Use hog or synthetic brushes specially designed for use with oil paint. They are durable so can withstand the use of solvents, and they are designed to lift the heaviness of oils. Learn how to clean your brushes properly to prolong their life with our guide to brush cleaning. You can use a medium or oil to mix with your oil paint, to adapt the consistency, drying time and finish of your painting. Refined Linseed Oil and Liquin are great for beginners; the first slows down drying time, whilst the latter will speed it up.

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Oil Painting for Beginners - Basic Techniques + Step by Step Demonstration

Acrylics may also darken slightly as they dry, while oil paints do not. The main difference between oils and acrylics is drying time. Acrylic paint will dry within an hour, if not within fifteen minutes.

Pros and cons: oil paints vs. acrylic paint

Oil paints will stay wet for days or weeks, depending upon the humidity and temperature. There are some retarders available which slow down the drying time of acrylics, but only for a few hours at most. The drying time also influences other aspects of painting.

Mixing acrylics is more difficult than mixing oils, simply because the acrylics are already beginning to dry. As a bonus, you can use acrylic paints two ways: right out of the tube like oils, or diluted with water which lets you use them in an entirely different way, almost like watercolors. I think above all, I simply enjoy it. Hi Jody, I would always advise to learn how to draw first, as it will help so much in your portraits. Happy New year and thanks for taking the time to reply. What a fab artist so ahead of his time. Excellent work. As your post says so.

And do you still use OMS mixture with the Acrylic? What would your general suggestion be, for best results — go with Acrylics underground colors or Oils? Also — please could you tell me if it is a good idea to simply work with just1 layer of background — say, with a shaded effect of Raw Umber Oil with a pinch of Linseed oil?

Or would i be wrong in this approach. No, just diluted with water What would your general suggestion be, for best results — go with Acrylics underground colors or Oils? Also — please could you tell me if it is a good idea to simply work with just layer of background — say, with a shaded effect of Raw Umber Oil with a pinch of Linseed oil? Again, you can do either, but its often best to start with the mediums in a separate container so you can learn about the different consistencies when manipulating paint.

Painting in Oils

So, if I have to devotedly follow your course, so, I would let the foreground colors dry overnight as the post says.. So, I do not have to wait for any drying time? I might sound dumb — but please tell me.

Why do you dilute the Acrylic with water? Is it to prevent cracks again?? Or should I not use them in case of White? And is a siccative must for mixing with white? Sorry for keeping you bothered with so many questions. And thanks again for the wisdom shared!! Acrylics are diluted with water to thin the consistency, just like mineral spirits and linseed oil are used to dilute oil paints.

oil painting | Description, History, & Facts |

The oil is the slow drying part of oil paint, at this stage I want the paint to dry quicker, so adding linseed oil would extend the drying time. Appreciate your assistance and you taking the time to respond, soo much Will. Thank you once again. PS: Special thanks for including the tips and tactics, which we might not find in other web sites. Thank you :.

Will, last question. So, I am using Flake White. I have not been able to buy the siccative. So, your advise would be to use Flake white just as it is, or mix with OMS?? As you have advised against using Linseed with white. Hi Jody, a siccative is a drying agent that speeds up the drying time of oil paint. Your work and time out with advice is fab-u-lous.

Can you advise me if you sell portraiture DVDs? Do you think most people can draw a portrait in time? Thanks Jody, I have a number of downloadable video lessons on the site, from drawing to portraits, just click on the thumbnail images on the right hand side of the side bar to learn more about each course. And yes, anyone can learn how to draw a portrait. Hey there Will, Great work. The end result is just FAB!!! Keep going.. Hi RM, for this section that only acrylic part is the coloured ground, the rest is all oil paint.

Hi there Will,interesting stuff. I am working on a portrait now,Need some advice. The color is a perfect match on the chart and when mixed in my saucer with linseed oil,it still seems accurate. When i apply the shadow green to the canvas,it turns to a dirty mustard yellow. Why is there a difference from the saucer to the canvas?

Leave the colour as it is and mix a few more colours around it, then re-assess your first mixture. Hi Will, This course has been invaluable to me. It gave me a method and a way into using oils. After a lifetime of using water based mediums oil paint has been a revelation for me. I find that I love the medium.

At the moment working in black and white has suited my purpose, but is there any chance that in the future you would take the course a stage further and create a course on using coloured glazes? I know this is a big ask! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful tutorial!! I made the transition from painting abstracts to more figurative work this year, and your guidance was just what I needed to get on the right track.

Just excellent. Hi Robyn, great work on your portrait, so pleased you found the tutorial helpful in making the transition to more figurative work, the burnt sienna underpainting has worked really well and love the vivid colours juxtaposed with the subtlety of the skin tones.

What Oil Painting Supplies Do I Need?

Hello Will, Such a great web site proving to be very helpful to beginners like me. A great service to Art!!! Keep it going…. I would also like to seek you for an advice. I had done a portrait with oils, about 2 months ago.

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I had not Varnished it For reasons — lack of time and lack of material. However, i had let the paining get sun dried for a week, following which, was made to dry inside a room for close to 2 full months.