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Jill is a Hunter, a rare human that fights monsters and hellbreed who walk the earth and sometimes get out of line. Since she's accepted a mark from the master hellbreed of the series, she is tainted but with improved power and survival capacity. The book opens with her grieving her deceased teacher, which is a large part of the current story.

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Since the kille 3. Since the killer wasn't caught, I imagine it will play out in most of the books. Anyway, the body count it wracking up, so Jill and a few werewolves must figure out a strange mystery and work their tails off.

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It jumps into action immediately and rarely lets up. The ending wasn't a huge battle - well, it was supposed to be, but with so much action up anyway, the tension level felt the same when the climax finally comes around. The beginning took awhile to warm up to - I didn't get hooked until after 50 pages, then it was hard to put down. Jill is similar to Dante, but I like her more so far. She's harsh and hard to take in confrontation - but she seems nice to friends and those who respect her.

Like Dante she has a horrible past and is broken. Perry is deliciously dark - despite my demented side, he's not attractive but he is fascinating. Hard to understand some of the hellbreed structure, though.

So much going on, little time taken to explain. I didn't think I'd care much for Saul, but I surprisingly did. I'm curious about some of the stuff developing between him and Jill - hope the author adds a lot of interesting obstacles for them. I usually dig 3d villains, but the baddie in this one is completely bad and one-dimensional, which surprisingly works for him. I like the world Saintcrow has created, and her writing rocks, but I don't care for all the excessive cursing.

It gets annoying.

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Blotches of humor are here and there, mainly with food, which adds needed spice to such a dark and brutal story. Actions all over the place, rarely lets up, almost too much so. Overall an enjoyable, if flawed, intro story to the series. Nov 27, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: vaginal-urban-fantasy , urban-paranormal.

I still enjoyed it. On book 2 now. Aug 05, Kate Nomalicious Reads rated it it was amazing. I love Lilith's Strange Angels series, and saw this and decided to give it a go, so i start reading and my first thoughts after the prologue is W.. Then I went to read some reviews and found out that to understand it better you need to have read her previous serie I love Lilith's Strange Angels series, and saw this and decided to give it a go, so i start reading and my first thoughts after the prologue is W..

Then I went to read some reviews and found out that to understand it better you need to have read her previous series Yeah it pretty much sucks but oh well I'll keep reading and hopefully I'll get a feel for the world after the first couple of chapters. OKAY shock horror!! After all that rant I ended up loving the book lol after I understood Saintcrows lovely little world i fell in love with the story and characters and am going to start the second in a heart beat! Jun 17, Joshua rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Ehh, don't bother.

Shelves: sci-fi-and-fantasy.

Lilith Saintcrow

Jill Kismet is a hunter. She belongs to a small group of humans that have trained in the art of killing and hunt the things that go bump in the night. Sound familiar? Yeah, it should, since it's the plot of countless other urban fantasy novels!! Still, I have to hand it to Mrs. Saintcrow for trying to inject some new facets into this tired genre. Like her heroine sold her body to a demon which gives her supernatural powers. That's new right?

What made this one even harder Jill Kismet is a hunter. What made this one even harder to read is the shabbily thrown together romantic subplot. Her Dante Valentine novels presented a hard fought and beautiful relationship- the total opposite of what's presented here.

Basically it goes like this: Boy: I like you. Girl: I'm damaged goods. Boy: I don't care, I need you.

Girl: Why? Boy: Because I do. Girl: Okay, lets make out. Yeah, it is indeed painfully that bad. Night Shift is a decent start for a new series, but I can only recommend this for urban-fantasy obsessives or Saintcrow fans. Aug 08, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , paranormal-romance. This author also wrote the Dante Valentine series, which is also extremely dark and one of my favorites, though it is set far in the future.

I was hoping with all my might that the Jill Kismet series would be set in the same world as the Dante Valentine series, just at a different point on the timeline, but alas, I wasn't that lucky. Jill's world has always had supernatural aspects - weres, demons, di This is a DARK urban fantasy set in the contemporary times in a city in the American southwest.

Jill's world has always had supernatural aspects - weres, demons, diseases that cause vampirism - a whole bunch of crazy, messed up stuff.

ISBN 10: 0316001783

She's a state-sanctioned demon hunter, which is gruesome, dangerous work. This story has Jill hunting a rogue were most weres are productive contributors to society who has left a trail of bodies across several states. Jill gets called in because some of the sites also appear to have demon activity attached, plus it's on her home turf.

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Along the way, Jill meets a man that becomes her love interest and explains how she became a hunter during her many flashbacks. I liked this book quite a bit, but I can see how the writing might bother some people. Lilith Saintcrow has a tendency to use emotionally flawed women as her protagonists. As the reader, you ride around in the head of a woman who has been gravely physically and emotionally abused in the past, which makes her present-day logic sometimes very odd. In the Dante books, Dante was always talking to herself; in this book, Jill spends a lot of time analysing her own motives and actions, sometimes coming to strange conclusions.

I don't know how accurately Ms.

Night Shift

Saintcrow portrays the aftermath of extreme abuse, but it is interesting to read. View 1 comment. I did not feel like I was reading the first book to this series. I felt like I was reading the second book of this series. Things that needed to be explained were not explained in depth. Every other paragraph was about her charms tinkling in her hair and her scar burning.

I didn't even know who her teacher was until I was pages into it. She just kept referencing to Mickael or however you spell it and I had no idea who he was.

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All the flash ok All the flash backs didn't come at the right times and her constant whining about her life was annoying. Yes she went through alot, but I still didn't feel what she went through. Maybe that's why it was annoying The author didn't give me that gut wrenching feeling that I needed to understand Jill. I desperately craved to know her, and I didn't.