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Death coming from the neighbourhood, lurking in city districts, the next village, a parallel street, in the courtyard opposite, in a small flat above or below.

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The pictures in this story depict the visible trace which death leaves behind — the corpse, revealing its cold, ordinary, dirty and ugly face. They strip death of its attributes — rituals and symbolism. They are evidence of evil and crime, but also despair and suffering, locked in a filing cabinet crammed with files.

These pictures also say that photography is authentic fiction. Created along the lines of a document they make use of the sincerity of photography not revealing, however, whether they are authentic, or whether they are just an imaginative creation.

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Your identity, however, cannot be found from thrill seeking, such as intentionally and unnecessarily exposing your life or your soul to any kind of danger, physical or moral. Enough risks will come to you naturally without your seeking them out. Your strength and identity will come from obeying the commandments, developing your talents, and serving the Lord.

Each of you will have to work very hard to qualify for your eternal potential. It will not be easy. Finding your true identity will tax your ability far beyond climbing a dangerous cliff or speeding in a car or on a motorcycle. It will require all of your strength, stamina, intelligence, and courage. The best counsel I ever received about staying away from the edge came when, as a young married man, President Harold B.

Lee called me to be a member of a bishopric. That was left to my conscience. Each of us must take the responsibility for the moral decisions we make in life about how close we live to the edge. Being acted upon means somebody else is pulling the strings. We live in a time when many want to avoid the responsibility for their acts.

When I was a young lawyer, I was appointed by the judges to defend persons charged with infractions of the law. I learned that some individuals did not think they were guilty even though they had violated a law.


They had abdicated their consciences. So often they had some reason for blaming their actions on someone or something else rather than accepting the responsibility. They did not act for themselves but were acted upon. Each of us must courageously and firmly stand up for what we are and what we believe. When President Joseph F. Smith was a young man, he was faced with this predicament:.

The man shoved a gun in Joseph F. Unlike Joseph F. Smith, the danger you face is not so much physical; but rather it is the danger of being deceived and misled.

The appearance of evil

This danger is, in some ways, more subtle and difficult and requires more strength and courage than facing physical danger. Staying away from the edge is an individual responsibility. Occasionally you want every detail of appropriate and inappropriate conduct to be specified, perhaps so you can feel comfortable in getting closer to the edge.

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You sometimes seem more concerned with what the gospel prohibits than what it gives. For instance, some young adults were surprised when they learned that it was inappropriate for mixed young single adult groups to be involved together in overnight activities. It should not have been necessary to tell these young people to avoid the appearance of evil. Our moral agency requires us to know good from evil and choose the good.

If we are trying to avoid, not only evil, but the very appearance of evil, we will act for ourselves and not be acted upon.

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You who are dating have a duty to do everything you can to protect your virtue. The Lord knows that you know better than to approach the edge of sexual enticement. You will lose part of that which is sacred about you if you go beyond the edge and abuse the great powers of procreation. We are each accountable for our own actions. How can any of us hope to play a great role in time or eternity if we have no power of self-control?

Some thrill seekers seem to be trying to satisfy an internal emptiness through the external gratification of alcohol, drugs, and illicit sexual relations. McKay taught. To do so we must determine to keep his commandments. Spiritual attainment, not physical possessions, not the indulgence and the gratification of the body, must become the chief goal. The Lord has a great work for each of us to do.

You may wonder how this can be.

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