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The current release of Apache Lucy is 0. It requires the Apache Clownfish symbiotic object system.

Lucy: A marvelous specimen

The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects, which provide software products for the public good. The second time around, the pairing lasted a decade.

I think of these partners as I wait to meet my new one — grieving their loss, missing their ways, worrying the high standards they set will burden their successor with the weight of unfair expectations, fearing that I lack the physical and emotional strength to do this again. But when the guide dog trainer brings in match number three, tail thumping and paws akimbo, I realize anew how little the past matters. I'm here to meet and train with my new guide dog, and all I can do is focus on the present in hopes of building a relationship that will keep us both safe and happy for years to come.

That future can seem tenuous when confronted with a bouncing ball of black Labrador retriever, Lucy by name, who can hardly sit still long enough for me to fasten the harness that physically embodies our new bond.

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But even at 21 months old, Lucy is fully trained and ready for the rigours of working life. She and hundreds of dogs like her, after all, have been preparing for a career since birth.

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She spent 16 months learning basic commands and good behaviour in a home environment, then went through four months of specialized training to master commands only guide dogs need to know. By the time I meet her in June , Lucy has proven herself fully capable of keeping me safe.

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She's passed tests requiring her to signal flights of stairs, flag upcoming street crossings, manoeuvre around both moving and stationary obstacles, even disobey commands that could put either of us in danger. She learned this under the watchful eye of a trainer who has matched me with two previous guides and who I've learned to trust implicitly.

Lucy has been chosen for me based on a host of factors, including my preferred walking pace, physical strength, speaking voice and home and work environment.

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The training program we're embarking on is gruelling, featuring hour days that kick off at a. Much of that time is spent walking around Morristown getting a feel for Lucy, how she moves and what her various gyrations in harness mean.

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Interspersed around these trips are scheduled meal times, instruction on everything from dog grooming to obedience exercises, and group lectures covering topics as diverse as veterinary care and disability advocacy. Mixed with the inevitable excitement of meeting a new puppy is a healthy dose of trepidation and anxiety.

But there's sadness there, too, as I try to fend off memories of the dog who walked by my side for nearly 10 years and only retired from guide work the week before Lucy burst onto the scene. Reva had come to feel like an extension of me over our years together, and not just because she steered me safely through Toronto's teeming streets every day.

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She witnessed every moment of an eventful decade that took me from my 20s to my 30s. She was there to offer a consoling paw during personal or professional trials, roll around with excitement during the triumphs, and transform any living space into a home with the puppy-like antics she never seemed to outgrow. Film Expand the sub-menu. TV Expand the sub-menu. Awardsline Expand the sub-menu.

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