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Review by Jen Waters. In a town like ours, football was everything. Set in an unspecified town that could stand for any small town in the United States or Canada, Juice tells the story of a high school football team that is tempted by the devil of the sports world: steroids. An only child with a single mother, Michael struggles to keep a 70 percent average in his classes so he can continue to play ball. Upon meeting Tony, the strength trainer and personal assistant to Coach Barnes, Michael is easily persuaded to do whatever it takes to become stronger, and he begins taking steroids.

Very shortly after this incident, the old coach returns, bringing news that Coach Barnes and his assistant Tony are the subjects of a police investigation surrounding the illegal possession, use and sale of steroids. Michael will not be charged for using steroids, and the team will return to their original ways. Granted, hi-lo books are known as high interest books that rarely surpass pages, but the reader feels as if threads of the story have been missed or hurried through — for example, what will happen to Coach Barnes and his assistant?

Will Michael suffer any health problems due to his taking of steroids? For a book in which plot plays an important role, it seems to strange that these details would be omitted. That being said, Juice is a quick read that would certainly be of interest to any athletic high school boy involved in team sports and who may have had to deal with similar issues.

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