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Without processes the efforts spend in different units of your organization will not productively empower your strategy. The only possible success would only be departmental and probably less repeatable. If you have defined processes then the efforts of all organization units will effectively contribute to the corporate strategy. Every unit and even every staff will know; what to do, when to do, how to do.

Non-digital processes execution are naturally much slower than their digitized versions. Moreover, non-digital processes are harder to control, measure and consequently improve.

What is Business Agility?

To get a predictive outcome, stable success, and continues improvements in the management, we need to digitize the processes. Digitized process means, it is supported by a software in its all steps. The first generation of BPM business process management solutions has some tools mostly a kind of process map drawing tools to picture current processes and information flow.

In the next step businesses have to talk with IT guys, consultants etc.

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IT guys have to be involved not only in the implementation of the new processes, we will need them during the adaption and the change of the processes for new business requirements. BPM has been understood as a general solution for our business process management requirements but IT guys are still needed to get our processes to be implemented.

How To Improve Your Sales Process And Increase Business

Design, implementation, and tests are 4 different stages of the traditional processes automation and usually taking place in different units by using different tools. The outcomes of stages would be available in different time frames because each unit has to plan their own resources. In the first decades of the information era, the common issue was the adaption of businesses to new technologies.

They had been using papers but they have started to use the software. This was the adaption. Since business units have well learned how to use technology, business requirements have exponentially increased. Nowadays technology has to adapt itself to the changes in the business life faster. The outlet of IT technologies was a surprise for the way we were making business.

System Integration

But now we need shortcuts to overcome the latency that the IT units have raised. This latency may be normal since IT departments have to do both project and resource planning. This leads to a less communicative and collaborative environment, as well as an inability to build cohesive teams, which in turn, results in weak, uncompetitive products.

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Breaking down functional silos is imperative to minimizing dependencies, reducing waste, improving collaboration and allowing you to respond to opportunities and threats quickly and confidently. At the end of the day, business agility is neither a fad nor a free-for-all. It can be challenging. But ultimately, it will help your business turn ideas into outcomes—regardless of industry, problems to solve or customers to please. What is Business Agility?

Resilience and Agility – Brought to You By Analytics | The TIBCO Blog

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