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While she hid the blisters swelling from her neck, the sores crusting her lips, and the rancid smell of sick clinging to her skin, she continued to lead the prayers, hoping to appease the gods. But no ritual could save her. Growing desperate, she banished herself from Babylon with a small group of followers and traveled North. Her condition then took a turn for the worse, interrupting their journey, and they took refuge in a cold cave, where they met their end. Hold down the Power Button to charge Vile Purge.

Releasing the button unleashes a stream of infectious bile.

A Survivor hit by the stream becomes infected. A Survivor accumulates an amount of infection by being hit by the stream, running, or performing interactions. Environmental objects also become infected for a short duration when hit by the stream.

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If the Survivor's infection indicator is completely filled, they are forced to vomit, and continue to do so at random intervals; they become injured, if they are not already, and gain the Broken Status Effect ; and they pass on their infection to other Survivors, as well as environmental objects that they interact with. Infected Survivors can remove all infection by interacting with a Pool of Devotion. This blocks it from further use by other Survivors.

If the Survivor is injured, they become healthy.

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If all Pools of Devotion are corrupted at the same time, all Pools of Devotion revert to their clean state and The Plague automatically gains Corrupt Purge. The Plague may consume the corruption at a Pool of Devotion that has previously been used by a Survivor. Corrupt Purge instantly damages any Survivors hit by the stream, but does not apply infection.

This effect only lasts for a short duration. Survivors cannot repair the Generators for the duration Corrupt Intervention is active. You become obsessed with one Survivor.

The Faithful

During that time, your Terror Radius is reduced to 0 metres. Daughter of a famous actress whom she had never met, Jane was raised by her father, a struggling visual artist. Her parents had separated when she was still a baby.

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She built herself from the ground up, auditioning for commercials, leading radio-interviews, and guest-starring in variety shows. Her authentic delivery and sharp ad-libs, however, cost her dearly. While she encountered failures along the way, she kept believing in her skills, and eventually got the opportunity to co-host a failing talk show. Live television meant long hours, a low salary, and no stability, but it also offered her a platform to broadcast her own values. She used the show to connect with her audience and deliver genuine material, often discussing her personal issues, gathering a loyal audience that broke records.

CHAPTER XI: Demise of the Faithful

The challenge was how to leave this cycle of poverty. For example, we choose to believe. Sometimes we can feel confused when faced with what the world teaches and what Jesus Christ teaches.

The Decision to Be Baptized

But the best source to guide our lives is the doctrine of Jesus Christ. As I made decisions based on this doctrine, I felt the hand of the Lord in my life. I would like to share with you four decisions that have had a profound impact on my life. When I was 12, the missionaries began to teach my siblings and me. He would just sit in a back room behind a curtain and listen. But then he read a Church pamphlet that described how a man and a woman married with the right authority could live together forever. This got his attention because even though his wife had passed away, he could be with her again.

Once he learned this, he decided to be baptized. And we were all baptized as a family. The newfound perspective that the gospel provided helped me realize it was possible to achieve better things in life if I applied myself and was obedient. I remember specifically making this promise one day as I sat in a chapel waiting for a baptismal service to start.

The Faithful | Gabriel Kahane

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