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When used around someone's name—such as Natalie Weiss —it is intended by the user to indicate to others "in the know" that the person being referred to is Jewish. When used around a term or phrase—such as banker —the intent is generally that the word "Jewish" be placed in front of the term or phrase, or simply that the term or phrase is actually synonymous with Jews.

Journalists Cooper Fleishman and Anthony Smith traced the origins of this anti-Semitic typographical symbol to a podcast that used an audio echo as a sound effect when someone on the podcast mentioned a Jewish name. Other anti-Semites translated the audio echo into a typographical symbol used primarily on social media sites such as Twitter.

The use of the echo was relatively uncommon, but in the spring of , some anti-Semites began using the echo when responding to or re-tweeting Jewish journalists, or journalists thought to be Jewish, which brought more attention to the practice. Following this, some anti-Semites began using inverted parentheses themselves, on their own screen names, to indicate that they were not Jewish or were anti-Jewish.

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