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Why Hamas should watch its language.

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Weapon of Mass Destruction - Short Film - #CutTheCrap - Mahindra Rise

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Palestine-Israel Journal Issue: A Middle East Without Weapons of Mass Destruction

Notifications View Subscribe. Abstract Indonesia is an archipelago country lies on the pacific ring of fire, which has a greater risk for disaster due to its geographic location. Meanwhile, what speech does Hamas advocate? Genocide of all Americans and Jews. Oh Allah, destroy the Americans and their supporters. Oh Allah, count them one by one, and kill them all, without leaving a single one. What makes this incitement particularly dangerous is that they are broadcast live on Hamas TV throughout Gaza.

Rwandan radio broadcasts once set the stage for the genocide which killed , people in one hundred days. Today, senior Hamas leaders are using even more powerful technologies, including social media, to incite violence and extremism against their neighbors and their own citizens. Inexcusably, this outrage has been largely ignored by the United Nations and many in the human rights community. It should be among the top priorities. There are many lessons to take from the Holocaust.

Incitement to genocide is always the precursor to genocide. It was so in Rwanda, Germany, and nearly every other instance of mass slaughter.

International Law and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

There are differences between Hamas and Al Qaeda, but the language they use in almost every consequential category is identical. Both groups use racist speech and preach genocide. Both glorify suicide bombing and praise the use of civilian shields. Both silence free expression and openly call for the destruction of a member state of the United Nations. What effect does the language of violence and extremism have in Gaza?

Palestinian democrats, liberals, and moderates have been systematically silenced by Hamas. In May, Hamas closed down a literary festival because it was deemed too critical. In January, it banned "Palestinian Idol" for being too secular. Last October, Hamas dispersed a hip hop party and confiscated recordings of the event. In the summer of , it banned a Palestinian film which showed positive interactions between Israelis and unveiled women.

In , Hamas shuttered a youth center because it taught music and dancing. Children are taught a mix of unremitting hatred and wild conspiracy. Perhaps most troubling is glorification of death. Hamas leaders like Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh proudly declare that "death for the sake of Allah is our most supreme desire. It calls for killing all Americans and Jews and has no problem launching barrages of missiles at civilians. It glorifies death over life and suicide-terror becomes palatable. It preaches that dissent will be silenced and opposition figures are arrested, tortured, and shot.

It imposes the language of terror and its people live in fear. Democracy in Gaza cannot succeed under such conditions.

The radical right and weapons of mass destruction — an enduring threat to the American homeland

Language is both a reflection of society and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Tolerance does not occur in a vacuum.

It is cultivated in families, schools, media, and the language of everyday life. Stifle free speech and mindless policy has a way of making it to the top.

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Some are tempted to draw equivalency between incitement in Gaza and incitement in Israel.