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Bentley claims that God told him to get the tattoos and piercings. But check Lev. Could a Mary apparition be on the way? Alliance -B. Stiller, T. Peter Wagner at an anointing service for Todd Bentley. Please see video.

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Kris Vallotton S r Assoc. According to NAR apostles, we need to learn how to restore the blessing of our lost Biblical inheritance by embracing the Jewish roots of our Christian faith. As you can notice the roots of these groups are not good at all! O Timothy! Kenyon , they also taught Dominion Theology among other doctrines of prosperity, positive confession, faith healing, etc.

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Jakes, etc. Matthew , Mark Latter Rain Unsound Doctrines.


This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Unsound Doctrines. Unsound Doctrines. Freeman and Sister Aimee S. McPherson began to appear. These ministries against the pressure of the depression and denominational spirits, carried on with the Azusa Street Anointing until They bridged the gap between Azusa Street and the 'revealing' of a prophet to the world. A Prophet Waiting In The Wilderness In the Lord appeared to His Prophet for the first time warning him to keep himself from the World and the things of the world because there was a work for him to do when he got older. As with the prophet Samuel, so also with William Branham, the Lord at first dealt with him by way of "A Voice" speaking to him.

Later, came the supernatural visions. His first vision at the age of 7 years was an indication of the " Open Vision " ministry which was to follow. As he got older the Lord began to deal with this young man through a "Voice" and "Visions".

The Holy Ghost

In - The Lord appeared in a Pillar of Fire in the presence of about , to Brother Branham during a water baptismal service, and commissioned William Branham, stating that he, with a Message from God, would forerun the Second Coming of Christ. But, the stage was being set for the final phase of the End time Drama. This phase would be quick and short and then judgment would be ushered in. The church world would never fully realize what happened in their midst.

William Marrion Branham est Dieu - Downloads - Prophet William Marrion Branham Message ()

He found the Prophet pulled back into a Cave , desperate to understand WHY God had given such a peculiar ministry to him. Here, in the cave, in William Branham received a commission to take a Message of Divine healing to the world. This would attract the attention of the people to a "prophetic" ministry that had a Message from the Lord.

A shelter would be needed until the time was ripe for the final phase of the Prophet's commission. In the Lord began to heal the cracks and splits which had appeared in the Azusa Street Revival many years previous. They began to unite with a 'common hunger' for a 'new outpouring' of the Holy Ghost. God was creating in their hearts a call for what He was about to do.

The Greatest Battle Ever Fought (William Branham 62/03/11)

A Void In The Divine Healing Revival - To deepen this hunger and thirst for a fresh manifestation of God's power, the last actor that had come out of the Revival was removed from the End time scenario - Bro. Brother Branham was, as yet unknown by those who were directly associated with the Pentecostal Revival. He did not move in Pentecostal circles - he was a Baptist, preaching a non-denominational Message.

Under this veil God kept His Prophet hidden until the time of his revealing to the church. Price and the 'deeper' hunger and thirst for the Holy Ghost, the stage was set for a quick, short, End time Revival - In the Revival erupted with astonishing force. One contemporary Evangelist stated that if they put William Branham in one side of a scale, it would take at least 24 of the most successful Evangelists of that day, in the other side of the scale to make it balance. And the people came by the hundreds of thousands to watch as this Humble Servant of God saw vision after vision and discerned the thoughts and intents of the hearts of the people.

BUT as the next few years reveal - this was not to be.

In Oral Robert's healing ministry begins in major cities. These two were the two Messengers to Sodom which Jesus spoke of when He said, In The World Council of Churches was formed. In The United Nations was formed. In Israel became a nation. In William Branham moves center-stage. The emphasis was on the 'laying on of hands', Divine healing, baptism of the Holy Spirit, holiness and Prophecy misplaced.

From - this movement spread far and wide. Up to they remained strong supporters of Bro. Branham's ministry BUT within a few short years this would change. Eventually, the ministries became more professional, more entertaining and abominable in the sight of God.

The Second group became the Full Gospel Businessmen International and from Brother Branham was well-accepted as a prophet ordained of God among the inner-core of the Christian Business men. He was to many, the Prophet-Watchman of this body. Many times he was their main speaker. BUT as with the Latter Rain brethren, so also with the Christian Businessman, compromise would take it's serious toll among them.

1947-1952 - Sermons of William Marrion Branham

This was predestinated ministry, with a predestinated "beginning" and a predestinated "end". Then it would be left with the people to accept or reject the Message - the "Arm of the Lord Revealed" to this end time generation. Brothers Shakarian, Krause, Sonmore and Bro. The Spirit spoke by prophecy saying, " Up, Sanctify, separate and cleanse the people! Sanctify yourselves against 'tomorrow'. Thou canst not stand before thine enemies until you take away the accursed thing from among you.

That morning disobedience ruled and the Voice of God's prophet was not heeded. By almost every door in the country was closed in the Prophet's face. On September 8th. The Third Pull, the final phase of his ministry was at hand. In Jan. See Message: "Identification - last few pages" Again the Spirit spoke by prophecy. Before leaving the platform, Bro.

It is finished! They had gone beyond the line between mercy and judgment. In his vision of the Bride, the prophet saw it go to perdition. Coming, the Resurrection and the Rapture. What would you have been believing in , - 47; - ; - ? What have you been believing from to the present time?